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About Mamba Tennis

Exclusive US and Canada distributor for Discho and Thunderstrings

Mamba Tennis is owned and operated by tennis players with a passion for the technical aspects of the game, especially the incredible impact that the right strings and the right tension can have on your game. We are relentless tinkerers and we have tried all kind of strings and all kinds of setups.

We started this site because we are convinced that most players do not pay enough attention to their strings (see The Soul of Your Racquet). An incomplete education leads players to select (or have selected for them) strings that do not compliment their playing style and ability. Time and money is wasted when simple adjustments could radically transform their level of success on the court.

Like anything, strings have become a heavily marketed commodity. As a result, they are more expensive than they need to be. This causes players to try fewer options, leave their strings in too long, and avoid making changes that could immediately impact their game.

Mamba Tennis offers education, information, and options at a reasonable price all along with the best service you have ever experienced. We guarantee it!