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The Soul of Your Racquet


Unless you screw up, your strings are the only part of your racquet that will ever touch the ball.

Think about it... Your frame is important, But your strings are the only thing that have a direct impact on the speed, trajectory and direction of the ball.

How much time did you spend selecting your last racquet? Many people spend weeks demoing every available model. They compare swing weight, and string patterns, and head size. They consider color, and grip, and what their favorite pro uses. But very rarely do they consider the strings as a part of that equation.

Enormous effort to prepare for a $200 purchase, with very little consideration for the element that will cost them many times that over the life of the frame.

Your strings are the soul of your racquet. They determine the character of your shots and the personality of your game. They magnify your innate ability and compensate for your weaknesses to create a well rounded game, if you choose well.

Using the same strings as Nadal will not make you play like him, but there is a set of strings that will get you closer than you are right now. And that is likely not the strings that Nadal plays, no matter what the marketers tell you.

To find that set you need to experiment with string type and string texture and string tension. You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses and choose a string or combination of strings that will highlight the good and fill in the gaps. Do you struggle to put enough spin on the ball? Perhaps a shaped palyester will help you get the bite you are looking for. Do you consistently hit just a little long? A few more pounds of tension may fix that right up. You likely do not need a new racquet to fix your game. The right strings and string job will let you focus in on the precise changes that will help you most.

Think of the racquet as the major muscle group and the strings as the fine motor skills that allow precise movement. The racquet gets you to the ball. The strings decide what you do with it.

At Mamba Tennis, we are all about the strings; a broad selection that gives you the options that you need to craft your game at prices that make experimentation not only possible but a whole lot of fun.  We guarantee that you will love our strings. Please give them a try.